Bill Holm, Northwest Coast Indian Art: An Analysis of FormNorthwest Coast Indian Art: An Analysis of Form

Bill Holm’s systematic study of northern Northwest Coast art, this book has become a foundational reference on northern Northwest Coast Native art. Bill Holm created some of the vocabulary we still use to explain formline concepts.
This is indeed an analysis of the use of line and color; the organization of space; and use of typical forms as ovoids, eyelids, U forms, and hands and feet.

Native Visions, Steve Brown

Native Visions: Evolution in Northwest Coast Art from the Eighteenth Through the Twentieth Century

Steve Brown uses photographs of more than 160 objects to illustrate evolutionary changes within the Northwest Coast art tradition. He demonstrates that our art isn’t static, but is continually evolving with each new generation of artists.

Northwest Coast Indian Painting, by Edward Malin

Northwest Coast Indian Painting: House Fronts and Interior Screens

Edward Malin uses 120 pages of color and black and white images of house fronts and interior screens of the Northwest Coast Native tribes to talk about their cultural importance. A good resource for studying formline as well.