I’m Not Dead (Yet). Here’s Proof: Daily Formline Sketches

Just checked. I’m not dead. Yep. There’s a pulse. As long as I wake up still breathing, I will do some kind of art each day. Period.

I have been true to my resolution to sketch at least one half hour each day. I just have not been blogging regularly like I was for a while. What do you do when things just keep piling up? Do you still have time for art, no matter what? I hope that’s always the case for me.

Since my last post, I took a week long trip out of state. And I was working a number of on-call days at the wonderful Sheldon Jackson Museum. Now I’m finally getting caught up with things, here’s a few of the Daily Sketches picking up where I left off.

Tlingit Formline

Tlingit Formline Experiment

On this sketch, I started with the tiny circle, lower center. Then I started adding formline shapes around it, working outward in a spiral manner. As I worked outward, my shapes got larger. I didn’t know what it would turn into. But you know me… always leaning toward killer whales. Once I began seeing a killer whale, my design got more deliberate.

Tlingit Formline Sketch


Sometimes a daily sketch is just a matter of throwing shapes together. Ovoids, ‘U’ shapes, circles and squares. Whatever… I don’t think I was feeling very inspired. Nevertheless…

Tlingit Formline inspired by carpet

Carpet Design

Believe it or not, this sketch was inspired by the carpet in our hotel room! Sometimes I’ll stare at something so long, it will turn into formline design. Maybe I’ll turn this into fabric design. So many ideas, so little time!

Do you ever have so many ideas or projects on the back burner that the days just don’t seem long enough? The upshot is that when I retire in a few years, I’ll have pages and pages of ideas to develop into paintings and carvings.

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