Formline Body Parts – Noses and Nostrils

Noses are either side view or front view. I’ve sketched both in this daily sketch:

January 30 Daily Tlingit Formline Sketch - Noses and nostrils Robert Davis Hoffmann

Noses and Nostrils

Some of these ideas come from Chilkat style design, some come from semi-realistic side profiles of faces, others come from box front and house screens.

The bottom nostrils, you can see start with a human-like nose on the lower left, becoming longer in the middle, and finally long enough to become a bird beak.

The amount of detail in filler areas depends on the size of the artwork. If you were making a very large design, it would make sense to put more design inside the nostrils. In that center nose/nostrils that goes clear across the page, I might put more ‘u’ shapes in there, or even little faces. In round nostrils, I could put circular filler designs (including small faces).

Just messing around with different noses and nostrils.

A few more ideas on this Pinterest pin.

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