Formline as Calligraphy, literally

In an earlier blog post, I wrote how the swelling and tapering of formline has been compared that of the lines in calligraphy.  While I have never attempted to actually create formline design with a calligraphy pen, I have designed cards with lettering that was based on formline shapes, mostly ‘s’ and ‘u’ shapes.

Here’s what I came up with for yesterday’s Tlingit Formline Daily Sketch:

Tlingit Art Daily Sketch Jan 18 - calligraphy

Formline as Calligraphy

While true fonts utilize only one color, if you’re doing hand lettering you can spruce up the letters with a second color. Here’s the same with some red added:

Formline letters

Formline Letters

I didn’t want to spend a whole lot of time messing with lettering, but wanted to show you some possibilities.

There’s professional font creation software you might be interested in, Fontographer by Macromedia. I’ve tried the trial-ware years ago. Never got into it, but someone else might.

The Japanese painters mastered aesthetic lettering. I’m thinking someone might take this kind of project even further. Happy lettering.

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