Tlingit Art Daily Sketch Jan 10: The Deep

Things got very fishy in my Tlingit Art Daily sketch this morning. Sometimes, just to get a starting point, I will draw quick random lines to establish “form” lines. Then it’s just a matter of imagining what creatures or formline shapes will fit nicely into those newly defined areas.

As I’m filling in with creatures and shapes and body parts, I’ll often subdivide those areas even more, either bisecting the existing flow of design, or branching off the existing lines. It’s really fun to allow designs to “grow” this way. Even though I’m only sketching, there’s nothing wrong with erasing and redefining lines.

Today my mind must’ve been on on fish and sea creatures, at least that’s what the designs suggest. I ended up with fishy looking heads, tails and fins. This time I started drawing diagonal lines with the intention of turning them into fins, but my wilder side just left them as straight lines. Here you can see what I’m talking about:

Tlingit Art Daily Sketch Jan 10: The Deep

Tlingit Art Daily Sketch Jan 10: The Deep

The red paint off to the side is a painting I’ve been working on, acrylic on canvas.

I’m glad my sketchbook is only 6 x 8.5″. That means I’m not going to be spending an entire morning working on something that is intended to just keep my skills and creativity honed. And I have bigger projects to get to, like the painting in the background.

Yet, practice does require commitment. I like to have a certain time of day set aside. Mine is almost first thing in the morning. I’ll sit in bed with my morning coffee and just enjoy coming into the day this way. It’s very pleasant, a luxury even.

For the heck of it, I searched within Facebook for “daily sketch” and found this really cool page (you guessed it) Sketch Daily. People are so creative.

This morning I was flipping through my pages and noticing that many of these designs are just begging to be done in colored pencil. There’s always more…

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