Tlingit Art Daily Sketch, January 7: Of Dreams

One week into the Tlingit Art Daily sketches. Is it possible to run out of ideas? No, it only feels like that. There are ideas in everything, including dream states.

For the more practical, you might be looking at other Tlingit designs on the web, in books, museums, or galleries. You will find a cross-section of Tlingit tribal crests along with newer art that continues to evolve from the old.

If you’re getting your practice from copying clan crest designs, please keep in mind some of the ideas behind clan crest ownership as explained by Rosita Worl, Ph.D, in the section of this article that talks about At.oow. 

Also, please become familiar with how to avoid cultural appropriation, or more accurately, cultural misappropriation.

Tlingit formline design is such a beautiful style, people worldwide are attracted to its elegance without understanding why. The deeper you delve into the study of formline, the more you begin to appreciate the designs. What better way to understand something than by trying it out (keeping in mind the principles of At.oow).

That said, there is a source of inspiration beyond what’s already been produced, and that is the realm of the imagination: dreams, fantasy… you know, the kinds of images that aren’t planned and happen more by caprice.

That’s the source of my sketch for today. I just let my mind go to places that remind me of a time/space from whence the mysterious petroglyph designs take me. They have hidden meanings, and a sense of their own.

Tlingit Art Daily Sketch Jan 7

Tlingit Art Daily Sketch Jan 7: Of Dreams

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