Tlingit Art Daily Sketch – January 3

The first sketch is not today’s daily sketch. I did the same thing as yesterday, I’m just compelled to complete a sketch that doesn’t look complete.

That means working on my shading techniques. Once again, the light sources are not consistent. I shade like Escher designed: it looks like it makes sense, but on closer inspection it doesn’t! Have a look.

Jan 2 Tlingit Art Daily Sketch shaded

Jan 2 Tlingit Art Daily Sketch shaded

I kinda like it, nevertheless.

One useful thing I do when shading is I remove my glasses, so I’m looking at a blurry image, and then I can better see what I should do.

Another helpful practice is to look at a drawing from a distance, and then I can see where my shade is inconsistent, in terms of how dark the darkest shadows should be. I get inhibited, and usually shade lighter than necessary. Oh well.

Now then, here’s today’s January 3 sketch, my third entry of the year:

Jan 3 Tlingit Art Daily Sketch

Jan 3 Tlingit Art Daily Sketch

My wife wanted me to draw a wolf, so I worked in a prescribed mode. That’s what happens when I design with an intent, I forget to loosen up and get wild.

The design got a more finished than the image to the left. Since I had two appointments today, I thought I’d take my sketchbook with me. Tomorrow I’ll do the shading.

I’m just using a mechanical pencil and a regular no. 2 graphite pencil, nothing professional. I need to make a run to my studio and go for a little more finesses. But like I said earlier, what’s important right now is just to keep the daily routine.

This is turning into quite the exercise! Do you sketch today?

Tomorrow I will make a list of some of the materials I keep in my arsenal of artist tools. I hope the list might be of use to some beginners.

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