January 1 Tlingit Art Daily Sketch

Here goes… This is the first sketch of 2017. Tomorrow I’ll shade this so it looks a little more 3D. The main idea is to just sketch daily, not come up with a masterpiece.

Jan 1 Tlingit Art Daily Sketch

You can see I’ve been playing with the salmon-trout head ovoid shapes in the upper part of the sketch.

My sketchbook is a Canson Art Book Universal hardbound 5 1/2 in. x 8

Setting aside 30 minutes a day isn’t a great sacrifice, even though my days are pretty busy. But there’s nothing like sketching. I call it doodling.

I used to doodle on anything that was handy: a restaurant napkin, paper bags, envelopes… I never saved my sketches until someone suggested that I ought to. Now I return to my sketches when I want ideas for more finished works, either paintings or carvings. You never know…

If you’re just starting out, sketchbook journals are a very good way to track progress. Just remember to date each page.

You can learn more about the Tlingit art style, more generally defined as Pacific Northwest Coast formline art,┬áin Bill Holm’s book below.

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